The MMR-HCS supports projects after a serious scrutiny regarding the relevance, suitability, potential, importance and expected impacts of the project. Normally, scrutiny of a project proposal takes between three to six months depending upon the clarity and development of the project proposal.

The applicants may be called for discussion with the Society's Office if necessary. After the Society's Office scrutinizes the proposal, it is put up for a discussion with the Sub-Committee of the Society towards developing and finalizing the project proposal. The Sub-Committee then recommends the project for funding to the Board of Governors of the Society. The final agreement is executed after the Board of Governors approve the project.

For non-governmental organizations, a bank guarantee of an amount equal to first instalment of advance payment would be required to be submitted after approval.

The project development would be periodically reviewed by the Sub-Committee. Project Proponents will have to submit reports at every stage of the project and they will be called for presentations by the Sub-Committee. Representatives of the Society will visit the sites if felt necessary during the project. The Sub-Committee will advise the Project Proponent on developing the project and will keep the Board of Governors updated on the project developments.

After the last stage of the project, the Project Proponent will submit the Draft Final Report which will be scrutinized by the Sub-Committee. The Project Proponent will be called for a presentation to the Board of Governors. The final report will be submitted by the Project Proponent after incorporating the suggestions of the Society.

Funds are normally released in four instalments - 20% advance, 30% after completion of Stage I (or whatever specified in the agreement), 30% after completion of Stage II (or whatever is specified in the agreement) and 20% after the completion of the project and submission of all deliverables to the Society.

After the completion of the project, MMR-HCS undertakes several follow up activities While dissemination of the findings of the project is one such activity, effort is also made to implement the recommendations by following up with the concerned authorities.