The main objectives of the MMR-HCS are to promote preservation, conservation, protection, development and improvement of natural, built and related cultural heritage within the area of Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR); and to adopt all means to achieve the objectives incidental or ancillary to the attainment of the main objective including but not restricted to the following:

Developing a Data Base for Mumbai Metropolitan Region

  1. To conduct studies/surveys of buildings, artefacts, structures and precincts of historical / aesthetic / architectural / cultural value.
  2. To undertake systematic listing of heritage buildings and precincts as well as identifying the components of natural / cultural heritage which needs to be conserved.
  3. To compile and store data on heritage, including digital database conversion by using advanced techniques such as computerised optical image processing.
  4. To set up a full-fledged resource centre including library, material documentation and photo-documentation centre on heritage conservation.

Training, Education and Awareness:

  1. To encourage the architectural educational institutions by undertaking training programmes in heritage conservation and carrying out documentation of heritage buildings and precincts in MMR.
  2. To organise training programmes for local authorities for developing capabilities in undertaking heritage conservation related activities.
  3. To sponsor candidates for participating in training courses in India/abroad for architectural students and local authority staff in heritage conservation and related subjects.
  4. To publish a journal and organise other publications on various aspects related to heritage conservation.
  5. To promote awareness about heritage conservation movement by educating general public as well as students at the school level, by organising exhibitions/competitions on heritage conservation.

Providing Financial Assistance to Conservation:

  1. To finance the programmes for maintenance of heritage buildings/precincts/ artefacts.
  2. To finance the programmes leading to preservation and conservation of natural heritage such as coastal areas, lakes, rivers, forests, hills and hill stations, etc.
  3. To finance the programmes of preservation and conservation of settlements of cultural and historical significance.
  4. To promote networking of various agencies in MMR including local historical societies.
  5. To act as advisers, consultants, appraisers and assessor with respect to all aspects of heritage conservation.
  6. To accept donations, gifts, and bequests of any movable property and artifacts and also of immovable heritage property.

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